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We have all aspects of your skin, beauty & wellbeing needs covered

Using only the best up to date high end products, we aim to provide you with a professional yet warm & welcoming experience that will leave you feeling a million Dollars.

Whether for everyday grooming, seasonal grooming & beauty or those special events & occasions where only the very best will do.

Every Day is a special day here at Body Flair.

Acne Treatment

Beauty Box Package

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Acne skin is one of the most sensitive skins and needs to be treated correctly.

Using a variation of facial treatments using products with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties but also LED light treatment we calm the skin without damaging the acid mantle protective film.

Incorporate essential vitamins to eradicate the acne so you can move on to correct the scaring left behind.

Acne had many causes you need to know that the right course of treatment is prescribed for the right reasons

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Course of 3 Facials

Acne Beauty Box including:-* 3 step cleanse, enzym tone and moisturise

* Medicated BB cream

* Skin complete Vitamins

Sensitivity Treatment

Beauty Box Package

Get Proven Results

Sensitivity needs to be treated first and foremost before any other treatment.

Our So delicate Facial will treat your sensitivity so that you can move onto other treatments.

Don’t feel you have to stay in a sensitive box all your life! Get your sensitivity under control so you can move onto the next level of skin care like anti aging.

Incorporate essential skin vitamins into your routine and feed your skin from the inside out as well as adding topical creams, this will give you the best results

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 Course of 3 Facials

Sensitive Beauty Box including:-

* Skin Complete vitamins

* So Delicate Serum

* Mineral Foundation

Rosacea Treatment

Beauty Box Package

Get Proven Results

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that appears like broken capillaries particularly on the nose and cheek area, but can also be found on the shin and around the eyes. It can be an inherent condition and is mostly common on those with fair skin types.

This skin needs the right treatment and the right home care to calm the skin.

We use light therapy as well as our Synergyage medical range of products to calm and hydrate the skin.

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Course of 3 Facials

Rosacea Beauty Box including:-

* Skin Complete Vitamins

* Disappear Concealer

* TimExpert C+ A.G.E    

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